Board Members
  • Jhoset Tejeda

  • Daniel Eng

  • Kevin A. Gerard

  • Yin Jin(Ivan)

  • JiaJia Guo

  • Krystal B. Wang

  • ChengHuan Tang(Stephanie)

Hopechain Fast Facts
Hopechain is officially registered in New York City as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Hopechain is based in New York City.
One of Hopechain's goals is to raise money through different fundraising projects to help in rural education.
Hopechain's project doesn't just help to raise money; it also helps build positive characters for individuals.
Hopechain was already involved in three projects before it became an official nonprofit organization.
Hopechain has already raised $104,498 in the past 2 years.
Hopechain has already donated over 27,000 books to the rural education.
Members from Hopechain come from all over the world.
Within the next 10 years, Hopechain will focus on rural education in Asia
Hopechain is close partner with Ameriwal International