Education Breeds confidence, confidence Breeds hope. Hope Breeds Peace
- Confucius

The Hopechain story began in 2011 when Zeng Jing Fan, a business man, and Chen Qin Hua, a teacher, joined forces to improve a school in the remote town of Heihe. Until then, both of them had been working individually, giving back to local under-served communities. The name for the organization came from one of the first programs they organized in conjunction with Ameriwal International, the Fuyang International High School in Hangzhou, and the Hangzhou Press. The program sponsors organized a fundraising photo exhibition where the photographs were hung across the venue on a string that they named大绳的希冀; which translates to mean "large rope of hope".

Inspired by these young volunteers and everyone's desire to achieve the same goal, Hopechain was born. Since then, Hopechain has worked on different projects to help rural education throughout China; renovating school libraries, and providing school supplies, among other things.

Moreover, working side by side with our friends at Ameriwal International has taught us a tremendous amount about education and the need for our more fortunate children to be aware that there are other ways of being, living and thinking that are equally valuable as ours. In August 2014, our non-profit organization officially became The Hopechain International. We knew that by opening the doors to people in the United States, the chances of our mission reaching far and beyond would become greater.

Following Confucius' views on education, Hopechain hopes to provide aid and give educational opportunities to children in the rural areas around the world. We believe, we can create a platform where "outsiders" can empower, assist and support the human development of the "locals". We believe that working side-by-side with people from different countries can teach us to be more tolerant and understanding towards people from diverse cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, ages and income levels. We believe this exposure can break down the walls of stereotypes for our youth; so that they can grow into responsible and caring leaders. At the same time, create a positive impact and footprint in different areas of the world.