Project DaSheng

Project DaSheng is a community service project geared towards to promoting social awareness of the situation of the people living in the remote areas of China and a fundraising event to help bring aid to the academics of the children in these areas.

Project Detail

During the summer, around the end of July to the beginning of August, Ameriwal International and Hangzhou Press will help Hopechain host a fundraising event we call DaSheng. A select group of volunteers will participate in Project DaSheng for about 2 weeks. The 2 two goals of the project are: 1) become socially aware of the situations of people in a different part of the world and 2) fundraise money to build and/or improve the school libraries in remote areas of China so more underprivileged children have the opportunity to read a variety of books. Through these two activities, the volunteers will have an experience they probably would not have not otherwise in their lifetime.

The volunteers will participate in various activities during the social awareness part of the program. The object of this part of the program is to assimilate the volunteers into the lives of the people that they are helping. The volunteers will be living with a family to experience the daily activities of the village. They will be doing the same things that a family member would be doing to help out the family. Participants will help farmers in various activities related to the farm such as planting, harvesting and watering. The volunteers will be involved in various school activities in the village such as field trips, art and crafts activities and teaching and/or tutoring. Participants will be assisting the elderly and physically challenged in daily activities such as carrying groceries, moving things around and running errands for them. If the village they are volunteering in is located in a desert region, the villagers and volunteers will be planting trees that were donated to the village. This is a technique used to prevent the desert from claiming more fertile land and to hopefully increase the amount of land that can be used to harvest food for the villagers.

The last part of the DaSheng Project is to raise money for a library. Throughout their stay, volunteers will be encouraged to take as many pictures as they can of their participation and the scenery around them. Hopechain Staff and the media that follows will take pictures as well. Hopechain and their partners will gather and sort through the photos and then the students will auction them off to the public and others who participated in the event. The testimony of the volunteers will also be shared to the public during this time. With the money that is raised during this fund raising event, DaSheng will build and/or improve the village's library and add more books to the library.

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