Project Tomorrow's Hope

Education is one of the most precious gifts a child can receive. Per the most recent census data, there are roughly 200 Million primary and secondary students in China. With over 85% of all primary and secondary schools being in the Chinese Countryside, only 1-3% of the education budget going to these children and even given the Chinese emphasis on education, they could still use some help. Additionally, many of these children are abandoned; with their parents going to the big cities for work, their school is sometimes the only stable place they know.

Education opens the mind and the imagination to the possibilities that our world holds. Education also breaks the shackles of hunger and poverty. The educated few around the world have the advantage of living in a place where the access to education is great and there are institutions to help pay the cost. Hopechain asks: what if the cure for the next pandemic was in the mind of a child in a remote village? What if all that was needed was a helping hand to see a dream become reality? Tomorrow's Hope gives you a chance to help a child one on one.

Tomorrow's Hope is the Hopechain scholarship program whereby every year Hopechain supporters give five lucky students the chance of a lifetime, to reach for the stars and attend a year at an US high school. Only the very wealthy are able to send their child abroad for a full High School and University experience in the US or Europe. With the help of our partner Ameriwal International, Hopechain asks you to invest in a child's life and help them sculpt their untapped skills and talents in the US.

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