Project Schoolhouse

Project Schoolhouse; building and rebuilding one educational community at a time.

Many of the villages in the rural areas of the world do not have access to public schools or libraries. The story in rural China is no different. While some of the villages have public primary and middle school education, many of them do not. Some of the rural areas in China are almost inaccessible and so are their schools. Some children have to travel far distances to be able to receive an education, while others have no one engaging them in their education. At the end of the day, the decaying physical environment of the available schools is non-inviting to both their students and educators.

Our Project Schoolhouse was founded in the belief that a clean and spacious educational environment can make a significant difference for a community. A fun and safe educational environment + motivated educators or volunteers is the formula we believe to be the most efficient.

Be a part of our formula by volunteering today.

Take part in our fun and impactful project and help us change the lives of financially-challenged children in the remote areas of China.

Project Overview:

  • Teach English Lessons (TESOL certification required)
  • Assist in English Lessons (No TESOL certification required)
  • Assist teachers with any of their needs
  • Give one-on-one attention to students
  • Organize arts and crafts projects
  • Raise funds for supplies for villages and schools using the art you create.
  • Engage the locals in other educational activities
  • Build/ renovate libraries: renovating study areas, painting, and cleaning.
  • Donate Supplies: stock reading materials for different age groups, notebooks, calculators, etc.
  • Donate Clothing: Uniforms, backpacks, shoes.
  • Financial aid: School fees and transportation fees.

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