What We Did

On July 2012, a group of 46 volunteer students from Hangzhou went to a life changing trip to Hangtou Zhe Jiang province.

First Day-
The goal of this day was to learn how to make their own Chinese dish/meal and to interact with the students in Hangtou Central Elementary School. Volunteers took a 3 hours bus ride to HangTou Central Elementary School. Participants were placed into small groups with the elementary students to interact with them. In the school they talked to them, sat and played games with them and help them with their English and other subjects. In the afternoon, they made their own dumplings with the students in the class. At the end of the day, they settled down in their school dorm rooms.

Second Day-
The goal of the second day was to continue to interact and work with the students at Hangtou Central Elementary School. The participants and the students went down into a nearby rivulet and collected different rocks for an art project. Once they retrieved several different size and shape rocks, they went with their groups of students back to the school and created different art pieces with their group. The art work was displayed in the classroom and the children shared what they made using the rocks they found from the rivulet to their classmates.

Third Day-
The goal of the third day was for the volunteers to experience how a student from a remote village gets to Hangtou Central Elementary School. The hope is that they will be able to learn to have a deeper appreciation of the life they have, compared with the ones of the students from the school. The volunteers walked/hiked to the nearby village, where most of the students from the school lived. It took about 3 hours going one way to get to this village since it was hiking through a mountainous region of China. Once they arrived at this village they ate lunch, interacted with some of the people, and explored the village. They took a three hour return trip back to the school and shared about the difficulties of the students, life of the people in the village they visited and what they saw.

Fourth Day-
The goal of the fourth day was to help the volunteers appreciate the things that they have at home compared to the students from the village. Volunteers went to a nearby farm, to assist the farmer in the maintenance of the farm. Participants harvested fruits, pulled weeds and helped pave the roads on the farm. At the end of the day the participant were assigned to stay in a local student's house to experience the life of a student and to help tutor the student.

Fifth Day-
The goal of the fifth day was to increase the cultural awareness of the participants. Volunteers went with the students from the school to visit a museum and to tour the remote village the museum was in. They took pictures and discussed the various things that were in the museum and were given some history about the village and China.

Sixth Day-
The goal of the sixth day was to help out the different groups in the village through community service. The volunteers on this day had the opportunity to decide where they wanted to help out. Their choices were helping out an orphanage, visit some senior citizens and to tutor some of the local children from the village.

Seventh Day-
This was the last day of the program. The volunteers said their farewells and gave gifts/souvenirs to their little friends at the Hangtou Central Elementary School. Pictures were taken with the students, school and the staff. The volunteers then took a four hour bus ride back to Hangzhou.

Positive Impact-
During the 7 days in the program, the volunteers were able to work with a group of children from a remote part of China. They taught and tutored them in different things, became part of their lives by experiencing how these little ones lived in these remote villages. At the same time, the volunteers learned something about village's history and culture, and what they did in their daily lives. These experiences for the most part will shape how they perceive people living in this remote village and hopefully give them an appreciation of these people and what they have in their lives compared to these villagers.

The Exhibition-
The Exhibition for the DaSheng Project was the fundraising portion of the project. During the exhibition, the volunteers were able to share pictures that they took and also shared their experiences to the sponsors and the public. These pictures were purchased the people that came to the event and the proceeds were used to buy about a thousand books for the Hangtou Central Elementary School.